We Made the Paczki Cut! #9

We Made the Paczki Cut! #9

These 15 Bakeries Serve The Best Paczki In Michigan

Some know this coming Tuesday as Fat Tuesday. Others know it as Mardi Gras. In some parts of Michigan, we know it by another name: Paczki Day. In keeping with the tradition of indulging in sweets and booze on the day before Lent, the paczki (pronounced poon-ki) is a glutenous Polish pastry that resembles a jelly-filled donut. The difference is, these things are maybe three times the size of your typical donut and they’re loaded with a variety of fillings. Think rose hip, prune, and custard, for starters.

The epicenter of Paczki Day is the tiny, traditionally Polish town of Hamtramck, where folks drive from all over to stand in line in the mom and pop bakeries to get their fix by the dozen or more. Bakeries all over the state also offer the Fat Tuesday pastry and we’ve identified some for you just in case you haven’t decided where to get yours yet. Check ’em out!

9) Huron Mountain Bakery, Marquette

The Polish population in the UP is more scarce than down south, but that doesn’t stop the folks at Huron Mountain Bakery from cranking out the good stuff come Fat Tuesday.

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